• Your Complete Guide to Pet Wellness Exams

    Every pet owner needs to be very careful about its pet’s wellness. Whether you own a dog or a kitty, conducting a pet wellness exam is essential. A wellness exam is basically a general health examination conducted at an animal care clinic or a pet hospital of your pet that includes urinalysis, blood test etc. by getting a wellness exam of your pet from time to time you can ensure its health and also keep it safe from threatening diseases. One of the best advantages of a wellness exam is that it helps you detect early stages of disease and thus provide the right treatment to your pet timely.


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    How often a pet wellness exam should be conducted?


    Generally, it is important to get a pet wellness exam at least once in a year if not more. However, according to some veterinarians, a wellness exam should be carried out at least every 6 months for adult pets having serious health conditions.


    The scope of pet wellness exams


    Pet wellness exam depends on various factors such as the type of animal, age as well as health needs. You may have to fill out a checklist and provide a complete medical history of your dog or cat when you visit your Kyle vet for wellness exam.


    Check list


    The checklist at an animal care clinic will ask about several issues that your pet might be suffering from. These may include conditions such as weight loss etc. Your pet may need to undergo tests to help diagnose diseases that can be leading to loss of weight in your pet. You must fill out the form provided to you at a pet hospital carefully so that your vet can have a clear idea of the problems your pet might be facing.


    Physical examination


    A pet wellness exam includes a complete physical assessment. It may entail a nose-to-tail inspection for any issues using special equipment such as a stethoscope, an otoscope, an ophthalmoscope etc. Your vet may also feel all over your pet’s body for any abnormalities such as bumps or lumps. Your pet’s vital signs including respiration, pulse as well as temperature will be examined.




    As a part of your pet’s wellness exam, your veterinarians will perform testing on samples of your pet’s stool, urine, and blood. All these tests will help your vet determine any issues that your pet might be facing like organ disease, infection or anemia.


    Generally, parasite tests are performed during a wellness exam as well. You may have to provide a sample of your pet’s stool for examination in addition to a fresh stool sample. Your vet may also advise testing your pet for disease such as heartworm. Other tests may also be recommended during a pet wellness exam depending on the age, medical hodsotry and condition of your pet.


    The bottom line


    Pet wellness exams are very useful for any pet. Particularly, a wellness examination is very important for senior pets as it helps detect early onset of an undesirable condition like heart disease, diabetes etc. So make sure you head over to Republic Veterinary Hospital – 512-269-0738 -- our vet can guide you and conduct a complete pet wellness exam of your beloved cat or dog so that you can enjoy its company for years to come. Good luck!